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Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ Feb. 28 2008,21:58)
Quote (Turncoat @ Feb. 28 2008,19:44)
Cloud! And your other incarnations? Rewiring minds want to know.

I really can't remember most of them. I used to be Semiotic 007. Some time before that, I went by my own name, and Our YEC Savior went to some length to make sure THE WORLD (he clearly believed that THE WORLD was reading UD) did not mistake me for the creationist by the same name. The funny thing is that the notion of creation is central to my belief system, but I have absolutely no use for the -ism. Gil Dodgen opened a thread addressing me directly when I pointed out that he had made absolutely moronic comments about simulation. And DaveScot also opened a thread addressing me directly -- if I recall correctly, he was responding to my observation that lay "science skeptics" are sorry substitutes for practicing researchers with PhD's. (I've actually insisted this in 4-5 incarnations now. It's a sure-fire way of getting the IDiots to demonstrate their circle jerk.)

You'll know me when I post again at UD. ;)

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