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Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ Feb. 28 2008,06:35)
Quote (Turncoat @ Feb. 28 2008,04:43)
I forgot to mention that I've been "Expelled" yet again.

I would love to see some of Dembski's old expulsion notices released to the media right after the film opens. Wes, are you reading this? Have you saved stuff going back that far?

Turncoat -

You called out Dave's NAME and that's why you and your message were obliviated: "Only simpletons and blow-hards..."

Who were you at UD this time?

Cloud of Unknowing.

I've been expelled many times, but deleted only once before. That was after I challenged the Gish-galloping Gordon E. Mullings, by name, to a $25,000 wager regarding "free lunch" in optimization. (I'd have actually gone through with the bet, were he fool enough to take it, but I intended simply to jerk his chain.) He signed his comments "GEM of TKI" and linked to web pages giving his name, so I didn't think he had left himself privacy I could infringe upon. But DaveTard decided otherwise. I suppose homely cusses like Mr. Springer (barefoot and pregnant) and Msr. Mullings (3rd and 5th thumbnails) have to stick together.

I love it when the Czar gives me the boot and leaves his "rationale" on the blog. Perhaps he's finally caught on to the fact that I've been playing him against himself. He is, of course, his own worst enemy. But I suspect he's conscious that evidence of UD's hypocrisy is a bad thing when "Expelled" is about to be released.

I never give them hell. I just tell the truth about them, and they think it's hell. Harry S Truman

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