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Quote (J-Dog @ Feb. 15 2008,15:03)
If he can get away with this, he can get away with doing a big turd on Dembski's desk. All he'd have to do is apologise. Someone else even gets to "clear up" the mess.

I think you may be right... I apologize!  

For some reason, I forgot about Denyse, but she is the forgotten, wronged "woman" (allegedly) in all this.

Denyse - The Face That Launched 1,000 Posts  


Are we having the same conversation twice? :)

Is DaveScot really some sort of evil genius? Or is he just more evil and more of a Genius than WmAD?

I should probably apologize to the good doctor for distracting him from his important work overthrowing Darwinism, polishing up his Nobel acceptance speech, and picking up his laundry...

"Itís not worth the effort to prove the obvious. Ridiculous ideas donít deserve our time.
Even the attempt to formulate ID is a generous accommodation." - ScottAndrews

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