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Reciprocating Bill

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For easy reference, I've decided to copy my first installation in the series (which I originally posted in the Uncommonly Dense thread) to this thread. Apologies for the double post.

The Nixplanatory Filter 2005: The First Year

This compilation was relatively easy, because from its inception in early 2005 to its closure following Dover in December, 2005, UD was moderated exclusively by WAD, and Bandora's Box was opened less often than nowadays.

WAD acknowledges early silent banning and censorship:

About This Blog
William Dembski

15 May 2005

It seems that some of my readers are disgruntled because their comments are not appearing on this blog and, in some cases, because I'm removing them as users. Please have a look at my Comments about Comments from last month. One of the things I stressed there is don't bore me. Darwinists tend to think that simply by telling an evolutionary story about some phenomenon that they have achieved remarkable insight. I don't.

There are plenty of other forums where I mix it up with Darwinists. Think of this blog as my playground. If you have to take a whiz, do it elsewhere.

THE FIRST REAL BANNING: A special moment.

William Dembski
9:16 am

Duke York: You are off this blog for good. I've made some adjustments to your account which should keep you off. If you find a way around it, I'll delete you entirely, which, given the way WordPress works, means that all your posts will be gone too.

Notice the clumsy, beginners verbosity. ?This gets better with practice. ?But not immediately:

William Dembski

10:27 pm
I deleted Doran's comment because it was yet another instance of the trite and easy dismissals of ID that I find elsewhere and that I've answered in my writings. If you want to be critical of ID on this blog, tell me something I haven't seen before. I spent the last three months as an expert witness in the Dover case pouring over the expert witness reports of all the usual suspects on the other side (Miller, Forrest, Pennock, etc.) and responding to them at length. I expect I'll be posting these reports on my website soon. Try to imagine that I might be well informed about what the other side is saying. Try also to imagine that I'm easily bored by what they are saying. ?-WmAD

Familiar forms begin to appear...

William Dembski
8:51 pm

Rubble: Your criticisms are shopworn. Please take them elsewhere.

Benji got a warning, because he's a dog:

William Dembski

8:11 am

Benji: You are herewith limited to one post per day per thread. Also, keep the tone respectful and make the contribution substantive. I'm getting tired of your off-hand comments. ?-WmAD

But it didn't help:

William Dembski
9:28 am

Benji: You are not listening. You are herewith banned from this blog. ?-WmAD

DaveScot is already itching to get into the act:

9:45 am

Sartre - will you leave and never come back if I provide my design engineering credentials?

And now for an off topic break from these dreary executions, courtesy of a classic:


7:56 pm
Biologists have no training in engineering. How can they recognize design?
You aren't going to win this argument. I'm an autodidact. My knowledge of biology is extensive as is my knowledge of computers and machinery of all kinds.

On it goes...

William Dembski
8:58 pm

Vax, you are repeating the party line. I have no patience for it here. You are out of here. ?-WmAD

Something new...Demski bans himself!

19 August 2005
My Retirement from Intelligent Design
William Dembski

The rancor and daily vilification directed at me by the Pandasthumb has finally taken its toll. Never a kind word or a gesture of appreciation for all I've done to advance science and enrich our understanding of the world. Just criticism, vituperation, and abuse. I can't endure it any longer. I've therefore decided to leave intelligent design and return to my first love ?- playing Chicago blues at the keyboard. Is this decision final? Might I make a comeback to intelligent design? Yes, it's possible. If someone were to deposit $1,000,000 in my bank account (routing and account numbers available on request), I will consider a return. Otherwise, look for me around Halsted and Fullerton. Farewell. ?-WmAD

OK, so he was back the same day. One can see where FTK learned her chops. ?But now Benji's back, still chewing WAD's slippers:

William Dembski
3:25 pm

Benjii: Stay on topic. This is a warning. ?-WmAD

Pope WAD:

William Dembski
3:54 pm

Get this thread back on topic or else excommunications will follow. ?-WmAD

More infalibility:

William Dembski
10:21 am

2perfection: You are herewith formally disinvited from this forum. ?-WmAD

WAD foreshadows Judge Jones as he bans an entire THREAD:

William Dembski
9:53 am

The gavel has fallen. This thread is closed. ?-WmAD

A rare find: WAD threatens to ban DaveTard:

William Dembski
2:14 pm

DaveScot: hlwarren is right. Behave yourself. ?-WmAD

Getting pretty lazy now...

William Dembski
8:38 am

PuckSR is no longer with this blog. ?-WmAD

A break for some bitter explanation:

30 November 2005
Why I ruthlessly edit comments on this blog
William Dembski

Here's an email from someone I banned from this blog. If you can't see why I've lost all patience with people like this, then you need to be spending your time elsewhere in cyberspace.


Is there the slightest possibility you might ?'open' your ID forum to dissenting views?

You have some very dedicated apostles stroking your online ego, and insulating these young scientists from the ?'Borg' is very Christian of you indeed; however, to many of us on the ?'outside' your questionable editing practices suggest little more than self-aggrandizing censorship.
You are a curiosity, your theory a religious oddity, and your ?'designer' is wearing your hat.



More of his bile, same thread:

William Dembski
9:41 am

Darwinists have long regarded freedom of censorship as an inalienable right. I do to. But not because I don't like criticism of my views. Informed criticism is fine. Stupid, contemptuous, repetitive criticism is where I've lost patience. ?-WmAD

WAD courteously helps us with our bibliographic chores:

William Dembski
1:32 pm

For your reference, jimpressario is a name of the past on this blogsite. ?-WmAD[/quote]

And on and on...

William Dembski
8:41 pm

steve_h is no longer with this blog. ?-WmAD[/quote]

William Dembski
8:12 am

I was debating when to lower the boom on Renard. It seems that this is an appropriate time. ?-WmAD

A close shave:

William Dembski
2:10 pm

Mr. Christopher: You are fast becoming boring and in danger of getting booted from this forum. Who do you think sent me the copy of the check? And in the email he himself remarked that ?Intelligent Design is werry, werry good to me. Lighten up and chill out. As for my cashing in on ID, I've admitted as much before and in the same terms: Think of ID and evolution as an arms race in which the arms manufacturers on both sides cash in. Let that thought cheer you this holiday season.


The following post was WAD's momentary dissolution of UD following Dover. Having skimmed the first year of UD, I could feel the kick to the stomach myself.

Myth: Something that never was true, and always will be.

"The truth will set you free. But not until it is finished with you."
- David Foster Wallace

"Here’s a clue. Snarky banalities are not a substitute for saying something intelligent. Write that down."
- Barry Arrington

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