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Quote (Richardthughes @ Nov. 23 2015,22:16)
I think he maybe comes here to see if it's you?

No doubt. But how pathetic is that?  That is almost Gordon KairosFocus Mullings paranoid.

What he can't do is refute the fact that he is more abusive, arrogant and obnoxious (the three A's, except that one is an O) than anyone (ie, everyone combined) at TSZ.

All he risks at TSZ is ridicule for not being able to defend his opinions in a venue that he doesn't control. That is something that he is too much of a pathetic snivelling coward to allow to happen.

But, on the off chance that he is willing to respond (not likely for such a coward) what are you afraid of?  Honestly debating the issues, or losing site hits (and ad revenue)? The most likely inference is, the latter.

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