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(Permalink) Posted: Nov. 16 2015,20:31   

A fascinating example of Barry having a conversation with himself:

And he blames me for deleting them.....which is impossible.

Try it. You can edit them down to 1 character if you do it in 20 min, or request deletion. But can you make them disappear?

ETA: No idea what this claim that I made a new account with the same name is about. You simply can't do that if the name is already taken.

ETA2: Guess I also put myself in moderation

ETA3: The claim I made a second account with the same name is so odd, that perhaps something really weird has happened. I'll be charitable to Barry and think someone monkeyed with my account? Can't login now.

Edited by REC on Nov. 16 2015,20:56

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