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Quote (Glen Davidson @ Nov. 14 2015,10:17)
Quote (Zachriel @ Nov. 14 2015,11:43)
Quote (Zachriel @ Nov. 14 2015,10:57)
So much for the off-topic theory.
Barry Arrington: Bond movies are, too me, much of a muchness. If you liked the first 23 installments (and I did for the most part), you will like this one.

Well, we stand corrected. Jack Jones shows why James Bond is relevant to the debate over Intelligent Design:
Jack Jones: The Aston Martin did not come about by a tornado in a junkyard.

Aston Martins come from poofs in the junkyard.  Everyone knows that, by analogy to how humans were poofed through time.

Tornado, bah!

Glen Davidson

No self-respecting poof would waste time in a junkyard.

"[A] book said there were 5 trillion witnesses. Who am I supposed to believe, 5 trillion witnesses or you? That shit's, like, ironclad. " -- stevestory

"Wow, you must be retarded. I said that CO2 does not trap heat. If it did then it would not cool down at night."  Joe G

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