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Quote (Zachriel @ Nov. 14 2015,10:44)
Some posts disappeared from this thread:

An Apology to Dr. Moran

Someone noted that the proper title is Prof. Moran, not Dr. Moran. Barry asked "Why?" We responded that Queen Elizabeth is also the Duchess of Edinburgh, but she is properly addressed as Her Majesty the Queen. It is considered polite to use the highest title when addressing someone, particularly when issuing an apology.  We did note that Larry Moran presumably doesn't care all that much one or the other. Most people probably call him "Larry".

We considered marking the comment off-topic, but as it was an apology thread, it did seem relevant.

So much for the off-topic theory.

Barry Arrington: Bond movies are, too me, much of a muchness. If you liked the first 23 installments (and I did for the most part), you will like this one.


You never step on the same tard twice—for it's not the same tard and you're not the same person.

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