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Quote (paragwinn @ Feb. 22 2012,20:34)
Emperor Palpington finally closes the door on Dr. Liddle:    
Liddle denies the universal applicability of the three laws of thought. And people wonder why I refuse to countenance her self-repudiating incoherence masquerading as rational argument on this site. Why? As has been said, anyone who denies the law of non-contradiction doesn’t need an argument; they need therapy. Someone else said, “Do not answer a fool according to her foolishness lest you be like her.” Liddle is a fool. She will no longer be spewing her folly on this site.

Palpington's Proclamation: "Whoever shall speak against the Three Laws of Thought, it shall not be forgiven him/her, either in this age, or in the age to come"

That is really quite dishonest, as I was banned without making any reference (IIRC) to his Three Laws of Thought.

He's obviously been lurking at my blog, hoping I'd utter an appropriate heresy.

What my banning did follow was a protest from me about his outing of DrREC.


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