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Soapy Sam

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(Permalink) Posted: Feb. 15 2012,03:46   

Chas D appears to be unable to post. Not sure why - last activity preceded Jupitergate, but there had been a response to one of Barry's petulant remarks about scientists - raised the ante(nnae).

Only logged in to make one final post to reply "no" to the moon question but "wouldn't want to hang around anyway debating the likes of StephenB"

Denied the opportunity to walk away with nose in air!  :angry:

Evolutionists trust entropy for creation of life but are like men who horse a crocodile to get across a river - niwrad.

The organism could already metabolize citrus. Joe G

If hail is made out of ice and ice came from ice via water, then hail is made out of ice. Joe G

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