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Quote (didymos @ Dec. 18 2011,13:49)
Expect "Street Theatre" to be banninated shortly:
The oxymoron that is ID News is merely a synonym for the bitter, and impotent rantings of those scattered die-hards who have yet to understand that the promised scientific, cultural and spiritual revolution has failed.

Uncommon Descent is reminiscent of Hitler’s bunker in the last days of the war – deluded individuals pushing imaginary battalions of IDEA clubs across the map; an ethereal post-apocalyptic radio station, defiantly transmitting songs of resistance and hope to the faithful.


As it is written, so it shall be done:
Editors: Street Theatre is no longer with us. Coming onto this site and making arguments: Always welcome. But if you do nothing but spew invective, you will be shown the door.

And the set of natural numbers is also the set that starts at 0 and goes to the largest number. -- Joe G

Please stop putting words into my mouth that don't belong there and thoughts into my mind that don't belong there. -- KF

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