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Reciprocating Bill

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(Permalink) Posted: Oct. 25 2010,17:14   

Hidden Obliviation remains the bannitool of choice at UD:

Quote (Richardthughes @ Oct. 25 2010,10:30)
Quote (Richardthughes @ Oct. 25 2010,09:18)
Tee Hee




8:35 am
Great article. I pity those who continue with the pointless acts of ‘investigation.’ They could avoid wasting so much time on that fruitless ‘research’ if only they knew that the whole process has already been explained: God did it.

Maybe someday they’ll see the light and give up this relentless pursuit of ‘knowledge.’

Finally, a mechnaism!

And then.... it was gone.

Paging R. Bill to the banninations thread. (No, I wasn't DurrasicMac) - I wonder how many truefundies© have been expelled! due to nixplanitory false positives?

Myth: Something that never was true, and always will be.

"The truth will set you free. But not until it is finished with you."
- David Foster Wallace

"Here’s a clue. Snarky banalities are not a substitute for saying something intelligent. Write that down."
- Barry Arrington

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