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Moderation has driven markf to a desperate solution:
One hobby was, until recently, commenting on some of the entrenched Intelligent Design blogs – particularly Uncommon Descent. This blog is notorious for arbitrary censoring and banning of contributors who do not support the party line.  For many years I led a charmed life but was recently placed into what those responsible for the blog call moderation. Moderation means that all your comments are inspected before they are published. This can result in a delay of 24 hours  and may well mean your comment is not be published at all.  I decided this made it no longer worthwhile to comment on UD. So instead I created this blog – hence the title: In Moderation.

He links to it at UD:
However, instead of trying to show where your logic is wrong I thought I would take a moore (sic) positive approach. I am sorry it is so very long. This a shortened version. A fuller version is on my blog.

Will the link survive?

Barry Arrington is a bitch.

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