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(Permalink) Posted: June 20 2010,20:38   

Clive (hi Clive!) is having a busy day. Ena Sharples correctly predicted she would be removed from the cast, and Clive confirms:
Ena Sharples, also known as George L Farquhar, MikeKratch, PhilipBaxter, Blue Lotus, Mach Six, Mustela Nivalis, h.pesoj, Moseph, and Echidna-Levy,
Ive only just registered on this site, but I suspect from what Ive seen here I wont be around too long.

You say you just registered at this site? Sure thingYou suspect rightly about not being around too long.

We no longer say: “Another day; another bad day for Darwinism.” We now say: “Another day since the time Darwinism was disproved.”
-PaV, Uncommon Descent, 19 June 2016

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