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Clive Hayden


3:11 am
Nakashima is not Asian, it’s a sock puppet name, he’s been banned from here many times, his handle at After The Bar Closes is dvunkannon. He part of those folks that watch us like hyenas, you’d think with all their bloviating about their “scientific knowledge” they would actually discuss science instead of watching us like hyenas. We discuss actual ideas and science here, they just discuss us. I wouldn’t encourage anyone to mind their nonsense—it’s a sick internet culture that’s pervasive with them. To all of you at After the Asylum Closes, the gloves are off.

Exit Nakashima, stage left. Not followed by a bear, or even Clive in a bear suit.

I'm always a bit sad when this thread bumps back up to the top of the first page.

Post morteming this a bit, Nak's bannination clearly follows his outing of StephenB as the writer of such pleasantries as "psychotic Pharisee", and then the posting of Nak's deleted messages on AtBC. Nothing to do with the thread on which it appears, where Nak is having a mutually respectful discussion with niwrad.

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I’m not an evolutionist, I’m a change in allele frequentist! - Nakashima

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