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Reciprocating Bill

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WAD operationalizes nixplanation:

William Dembski
7:55 pm

Cue: Iím not following this thread too closely, but to say that methodological naturalism is an essential ingredient of the scientific method betrays a gross ignorance of the history and philosophy of science. Indeed, itís not even fair to say that there is one scientific method. Percy Bridgman put it this way: ďthe scientific method, insofar as it is a method, is doing oneís damndest with oneís mind, no holds barred.Ē In any case, youíre out of here.

Myth: Something that never was true, and always will be.

"The truth will set you free. But not until it is finished with you."
- David Foster Wallace

"Here’s a clue. Snarky banalities are not a substitute for saying something intelligent. Write that down."
- Barry Arrington

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