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Reciprocating Bill

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(Permalink) Posted: May 08 2008,19:51   

Quote (Bob O'H @ May 08 2008,09:41)
(I'm just filling in for RB, as he seems to be taking a well-deserved break).




4:59 am

Tard Alert!

[Comment deleted]

The question was about scientists. The deleted list was various televangelists.

psychodelict is no longer with us ~ud admin

Hmm... I wonder.

Could be that was exactly the post intended by Psychodelict - announcing his/her own bannination. The post Psychodelict was created to post. The only post by that author anywhere on UD. The phrase "ud admin" has only appeared once previously at UD. The loudspeaker in the ceiling wasn't even on.

A disposable, one-use puppet.

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