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"Rev Dr" Lenny Flank

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(Permalink) Posted: July 19 2007,21:21   

Quote (BWE @ July 19 2007,20:50)
Paul, well done. Lenny's going to owe you big time. I can't wait to read the big apology Lenny's gonna have to give you as he forks over the money after you take him up on his bet.

Keep up the good work.

I can't wait to hear Paul and his ilk trying to explain to a Federal judge why not oen argument anywhjere in the book appears in any science journal, and why every one of them appears solely and only in creationist/ID religious texts.

(snicker)  (giggle)

But then, first they have to find a school board that is stupid enough to trust DI, after DI has already abandoned the Dover Dolts to twist alone in the wind, leaving them with a million bucks of legal debts and no more jobs.

Editor, Red and Black Publishers

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