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Doc Bill

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(Permalink) Posted: Mar. 16 2009,22:32   

Paul Nelson sighting!

Paul posts an insightful observation at EN&V!

Here it is:  Paul Nelson has a Dream

Paul cites a paper given at the recent AAAS conference then dreams of, get this, high school students attending the conference.  Riiiiiiiiiiiiight.  Yeah, he has high school students attending the conference because, er, why?  Oh, I know, it's because Ben Stein taught High School!  Well, in a movie script, but that's like a dream, isn't it?  Made up.  Fiction.

A dreeeeeeeeaaaaaammmmmm.

Anyway, then Paul has a Vision!  (cue creepy SciFi music)  Paul sees DEAD PEOPLE!  Stanley Miller and Leslie Orgel!  Why????


Remember last year or so when Casey Luskin, our favorite moronic attack gerbil, wrote that Orgel supported "irreducible complexity" and Luskin got so thoroughly trashed on the Intertubes that he doesn't venture out of the house TO THIS DAY without wearing his Nixon Halloween mask?

Well, Paul Nelson is out there doing the same thing.  Imagining what Stan and Les would do. Hey, Paul, do you wear WWSD and WWLD bracelets?  Nelson has been reduced to Imaginary Friends.  I wonder if you go to Nelson's house and sit on a chair that Paul admonishes you for "sitting on Leslie."

Srsly, Paul must be a freaking genius!  How else could a guy with the mind of a 4th grader get a PhD?

It certainly does explain Explore Evolution, though.  Total.  Fiction.

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