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Quote (Kristine @ June 30 2007,22:20)
Quote (stevestory @ June 30 2007,19:47)
Quote (Kristine @ June 29 2007,22:22)
I wonder how many girlfriends he already has. Maybe I should write to him pretending to be smitten so's I can find out. :) (You know what? Even I think that's pretty sick.)

yeah, prison rape is not funny. I'd rather not see us make any jokes about that.

Even the Church Burnin' Ebola Boys have some principles.

*Gasp* I didn't even think of that!!! :O Eek, I swear by all shimmies that's not what I meant!!!

Oh, dear. I didn't get that joke at all. What I meant was all the screwed-up female jailbird groupies who write to a guy in prison, you know, like all these women who are sending love letters to Scott Peterson, etc. That's what I meant. That's what I meant! *Blush*

I hadn't read your previous posts when I wrote that. It's now very clear to me that you meant actual girlfriends. Sorry for my misunderstanding.

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