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"Rev Dr" Lenny Flank

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(Permalink) Posted: July 24 2007,20:30   

Quote (Joe G @ July 24 2007,20:16)
And as for supernatural- do you really think that natural processes can account for the universe when natural processes only exist once the universe does?

IOW cram the "supernatural" tardation. You can't get around it.

I see.  So the answer to my question is "yes, the designer is supernatural, it is god, it is all about religion, and IDers like you are just lying to us when they claim it's not".

Thanks.  Why the hell couldn't you just say so in the first place.  Why go through all the mental gymnastics first?  Geez.

In any case, now that you've conceded that the designer is just God, would you be willing to testify to this in court, next time some idiotic bunch of fundie nutters tries to lie to everyone by claiming their religious opinions about a supernatural designer are really science and not religion at all, no sirree Bob . . . . ?

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