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Quote (Joe G @ July 24 2007,18:34)
Quote (Arden Chatfield @ July 24 2007,16:10)
Quote (Joe G @ July 24 2007,13:39)
Quote (oldmanintheskydidntdoit @ July 24 2007,13:06)
So what's your ultimate point Joe? That god did it?


Joe claimed to be a Muslim once, so perhaps his position is Allahdidit.

I was a christian once also.

Intelligent Design makes it possible to be an intellectually fullfilled atheist. It has absolutely no attachments to the divine what-so-ever.

If all religions were falsified tomorrow ID wouldn't be fazed. If the Bible were to be proven a hoax, ID wouldn't flinch.

What, then, is the essential defining difference that separates "god" from "the intelligent designer" exactly?

If the two terms are not interchangeable, then why not? I see no reason, and you've provided none so far.

I also mentioned that He'd have to give me a thorough explanation as to *why* I must "eat human babies".

if there are even critical flaws in Gaugerís work, the evo mat narrative cannot stand
Gordon Mullings

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