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Quote (nuytsia @ June 27 2007,07:00)
This is pretty cool.
Big, long billed and living in warm waters.

The fossilised remains of the animal, which lived some 36 million years ago, were found in what is today Peru.
At 1.5m (5ft) tall, the penguin looked quite different from its modern-day cousins, a report in PNAS journal says.

From the BBC site. Couple of other sites report this as well.
Article from the Guardian here.

Worse headline perhaps from USAToday
Giant penguins once roamed prehistoric Peru

Paddled perhaps?

Yeah... I don't think the USA today writer gets it... Something about their plan was bad, all those calls to the Antarctic had roaming charges, so that's why they went extinct... Their bills were too big.

Yes.  Those roaming charges will kill you.

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