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Quote (VMartin @ Aug. 01 2007,16:14)
I see. Criticising the theory of "survival advantage" of coloration leads to stupefaction. Abidance in neodarwinism even if it obviously contadicts facts leads to progress.

No. Criticism is valid. But only if it leads to alternative hypotheses that can be tested, and then to testing of those hypotheses. That is known as "constructive criticism". What you are doing is known as "bitching".

Do you have any hypothesis about coloration in fungi? I haven't heard it yet. Is it testable?  Are you planning to test it?

If the answer to those questions is no, or, even worse, if you ignore them again, we can only conclude that you are a twit. Prove that you are not a twit and give us your testable hypotheses, please.

Thanks in advance for ignoring this again.

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