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I am not sure "it has been studied quite a lot". According (neo)darwinsim wasps have aposemtic coloration to warn and deter predators. Hornet moth (Aegeria apiformis) looks and buzz like a wasp. One would think that the moth has some survival advantage looking like a wasp. But probably no scientist has made a research to prove it yet

Is that a criticism Martin?
Because, you know, there is an hypothesis to be tested. And what do you propose: no hypothesis and no verification.
You're not familiar with the scientific method, are you Martin?
I am here not on a trial, you know. I am trying to infirm some darwinian explanation about coloration using facts.

Translated : I'm here to bring every possible fact that has not been studied yet and claim that Darwinism can't explain it. But don't expect me to propose anything.
Damn, Darwinism is doomed.  :O

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