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Quote (Patrick Caldon @ July 29 2007,09:12)
Quote (IanBrown_101 @ July 29 2007,06:50)
Quote (Patrick Caldon @ July 28 2007,12:53)
Quote (VMartin @ July 28 2007,08:40)
I would say that black and white swans also inhabit the same types of habitat


Actually, I've found a spot in Wales where Black and white swans live together.

But again, this is one place in one country, so it doesn't exactly show anything.

Do they have black swans in Wales?  Colour me astonished - I thought they were exclusively Antipodean.

There's a couple in one place I know of. I think they ended up there after they escaped from somewhere and took up residence on this one large pond.

They certainly aren't native, but as I recall they are breeding.

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