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Henry J

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(Permalink) Posted: July 28 2007,19:52   

We have mentioned already mushrooms genera Amanitta. There are very different coloration in it - red, green, white etc... It is hardly believable that such pigments are byproduct of some process and that they concetrate at the cap of the mushroom where they are most visible.````  

Why is that unbelievable?

Why should all colorations have to be explained, anyway? If an organism reflects light, it's going to be some color or other. If the color itself isn't relevant to reproductive success, then it's a byproduct of whatever chemicals are near the surface of the organism. If that isn't an appropriate starting point from which to investigate the question, then what is?


Uh - on second thought, I reckon the coloration is a byproduct of the chemicals near the surface even if it is relevant to reproductive success. But in that case the presenece of those chemicals would be explained by that.

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