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Quote (jeannot @ July 28 2007,11:24)
Quote (Albatrossity2 @ July 28 2007,08:45)
In other words, he is a sniper, moving along and taking potshots but providing only moving targets for his adversaries. Useless in almost every respect.

Well said, Dave.

Martin, I tried to have some sort a debate with you, but it proved to be impossible. Simply because you are a coward.

A coward. I see. You are here Knights of the Round Darwinian Table. You are here real scientists, knights, Einsteins, warrior for truth and enlightment of mankind.


Don't think I want to be mean to you. I couldn't care less if you die today or live for a hundred years. That's just what you are.

You are generous like would-be knight Sancho Pancha de la Mancha.


Prove me wrong and post something, anything about your thoughts on biology.

Did you read my post about German idealistic morphology? Did you read the German article I give link to? It is something about directed evolution, the idea I fully agree.


Do you accept common descent and speciation? Do you think beneficial mutations happen? Do you have any evidence for your hypothesis (whatever that is) or a way to test it?

I have as much evidence as darwinists have for proving than man arouse via random mutation from ancient fish.

Common descent is a complicated problem considering Dacque underestanding of evolution as "entelechie of forms", see my previous post on German idealistic morphology. Did you read it or not?


And again, quit babbling about "Darwinism can't explain..."

Why are you so angry that you cann't explain coloration of mushrooms or animals? Do you know how to explain it or not, you noble fearless knight of darwinism? If not do not despair. Just believe that science will be able to prove natural selection behind it. Sometimes in the future. Just believe, you are a fearless knight.

I could not answer, but should maintain my ground.-
Charles Darwin

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