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Perhaps a brief summary of this thread will help point out the futility of "conversing" with VMartin.

He is fond of pointing out that "darwinists" have no explanation for various things. This is a common enough tactic, and confined almost exclusively to those who prefer certainty to uncertainty. When it is pointed out to him that gaps in knowledge are expected and do not mean that a theory is in serious disarray, he ignores it and goes on to another perceived gap.

His fondness for pointing out gaps in our knowledge is exceeded only by his disdain for proposing alternative explanations. Whether this is because he has no alternative explanations, or because he knows that his preferred explanations have less-than-zero experimental support is not clear. This is because he also refuses to answer questions about his mechanistic explanations of anything.

In other words, he is a sniper, moving along and taking potshots but providing only moving targets for his adversaries. Useless in almost every respect.

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