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Patrick Caldon

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(Permalink) Posted: July 28 2007,02:19   

Quote (VMartin @ July 28 2007,01:54)
See swans. Why are they white?

Swans are black where I'm from.  There's a pair of them (with grey-black cygnets) about a mile from where I'm typing now.  Very cute.  The cygnets follow momma swan around and poppa swan chases away all the ducks when people come to feed them.

So why are swans white or black but nothing inbetween?  Well some swans are both white and black.  These are in South America somewhere if I recall.  

So why are some swans white, other swans black and some swans a combination of both black and white?

Dunno.  But I hardly see that the existence of some white swans, some black swans, and some white and black swans destroys the theory of evolution.  It would probably be an interesting project to get to the bottom of.  At the same time it would be interesting to know why black swans have grey cygnets.

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