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Even if coloration in fungi is an unanswered question at this point, how on earth is that an argument against the overall theory? All current theories have unanswered questions about details (otherwise scientists would be unemployed).

I've put mushrooms as an example where coloration cannot be explained via ToE. I claim that it is only the tip of the iceberg. 90% of coloration in animal kingdom is unexpleinable by ToE. See swans. Why are they white? Because of natural selection? It is the form and color that represents any animal species mostly. It is not detail.


If I'm following this, the color itself doesn't appear to be the controlling factor. But, it's caused by chemicals that the organism produces and concentrates in its outer layers? The chemicals in question happen to be colorful, but has anybody checked on whether those chemicals produce some other benefit that maybe has nothing to do with their reaction to light?

That would after all seem to be the next question if mimicry and/or camoulflage have been determined to be unlikely

We have mentioned already mushrooms genera Amanitta. There are very different coloration in it - red, green, white etc... It is hardly believable that such pigments are byproduct of some process and that they concetrate  at the cap of the mushroom where they are  most visible.````

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