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Quote (VMartin @ July 25 2007,15:40)
Jeanot at Frontloading thread:


Well, coloration in mushrooms has hardly been studied, and the genetic mechanisms of domestication are very well explained by "Darwinismus".

Is that all you have, Martin?

The coloration of mushroom has been studied. We discussed at this thread an scientific article that concluded coloration of mushrooms have no connection with poisonous quality of mushrooms. It is one of the basic claim of neodarwinism that  coloration signals that species is unpalatable or poisonous. Obviously this is not the case of mushrooms.


If genetic mechanism of domestication of dogs is so well explained by darwinism, how darwinism explains the fact that we cannot domesticate the majority of animals whatever we do?

A plausible hypothesis is that such animals don't reproduce very well at home because they are adapted to different conditions. Have you heard of "ecological specialization"? Also, adaptation relies on the level of polymorphism in a species. Of course the reasons can differ between different animals. I really don't see how this should be a problem to the ToE. ???

Regarding mushroom. Yeah, there's one article, that failed to link coloration to toxicity. Clearly that means will never find why many mushrooms are colorful. It has to be prescribed evolution...

You think you're raising some issue? Well you clearly not. You're merely pointing to something that has not been deeply studied and you fail to provide your own hypothesis. You're boring.
Give us something new, some positive evidence for your PEH. Was dog "prescribed", Martin?

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