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Patrick Caldon

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(Permalink) Posted: July 25 2007,15:54   

Quote (VMartin @ July 25 2007,15:40)
The coloration of mushroom has been studied. We discussed at this thread an scientific article that concluded coloration of mushrooms have no connection with poisonous quality of mushrooms. It is one of the basic claim of neodarwinism that  coloration signals that species is unpalatable or poisonous. Obviously this is not the case of mushrooms.

Heh?  I've only read a couple of textbooks on modern evolutionary theory and population genetics, but each of them went into long descriptions of how mimicry and similar false signals do evolve.

Suppose there is a bird who has learned to avoid butterflies having a specific pattern.  There is then a selective advantage to looking like the poisonous butterfly.  This has been studied quite a lot.

I would hazard to guess that something similar could operate in mushrooms.

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