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Quote (VMartin @ July 06 2007,23:53)
I have questioned the issue of coloration of animals. On some opinion 90% of animal's coloration cannot be explained by natural selection. Because coloration is something everybody sees and coloration play often a major role in recognition, such a view questions natural selection as evolutionary force. I have started with great kingdom of mushrooms where sexual selection cannot obscure the issue. You can contradict me using some special kind of species like white bears of course. But again - you have no answer why swans are white for instance.

Man, first of all you completely missed my joke by zeroing in on the grammar part. Second, so what? Just because you don't know doesn't mean you can't know. Er..., well, that someone can't know.

When you drill down into the specifics like that you are missing the real issues. You might have a wonderful topic for a paper but it wouldn't be about the validity of evolution, it would be about the evolution of color in fruiting...


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