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VMartin the Darwinist-obsessed creationist is now calling 'Darwinists' 'National Socialists'. This is at least the second time he's done this. I would propose that along with his refusal to answer questions, it's now time to ban him.

1) I didn't answer your questions. That's right. You are not worth of it, you know. It doen't mean I don't answer questions from the others if questions are on topic and interesting. I am just one. Answering all questions is impossible considering the fact that I have to respond to many denigrations as well.

2) I didn't call Darwinists "National socialist" generally. I called only your behaviour in that way (and of one guy). You do not represent "darwinists", you represent only the most despicable individual form of social darwinism I hit upon.

This time you managed  that I answered to your post. I hope this is the last time. Unless you start with  East-European psychology analysis using national-socialist manners again.

I could not answer, but should maintain my ground.-
Charles Darwin

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