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Quote (VMartin @ July 02 2007,15:13)
Do not make fool of yourselves. It was me who made claim that coloration of fruiting bodies of mushrooms are a problem for darwinism. You have never any idea that such an anti-darwinian example exists because it has never been mentioned in english language as far as I know.

Now you are angry that you cannot explain the coloration via natural selection. You can pretend to be an expert on fungi and denigrate me if you like. I can only laugh at your ignorance. It is ridiculous how you want to obscure the problem by analysing pigments or DNA that underly the colors of mushrooms. You can continue discussing your artificial, substitutional issue of molecular background however long you like. I am sure you will never explain the meaning of the coloration in such way.

This cat seems to have some strange brew baby. The topic of phylogenies being as yet undocumented for many fungi has next to nothing to do with your idea that they throw a monkey wrench into the science of evolution. I would hardly describe myself as an expert on fungi (although I do have a photo album full of polaroids of Labouls (Laboulbeniales) my mother shot using an electron microscope a looong time ago. That's a weird one for you. As a kid I had to care for some decrepit old hens, help collect their lice with a vacuum cleaner fitted with a sheer nylon legging and that doesn't even include our house fly cages. Having a scientist for a mother had ups and downs.) but the subject I was discussing was the difficulty dealing with a lack of data not your ravings. Was I off topic? I'm sorry if I was.

Arden, that's the kind of game that kills college students occasionally. Have you read any of the "debate between myself and AFDave at Richard Dawkins? I started by claiming a beer every time I won a point. I stopped that game in a hurry. As a matter of fact, it's 11:45 and I've already had too many. Can I take a credit?

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