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Quote (VMartin @ July 01 2007,15:10)
Studying molecular background of coloration of mushrooms or of butterly wings do not help. Even if we know how and where coloration is coded (if it is possible)
it will elucidate nothing. It will not solve problem if coloration is adaptive or not. It will not determine if coloration has cryptic/aposematic function. It will not explain the function of species coloration at all.

It will not solve everything, but as I said, phylogenetic analysis could indicate the action of divergent selection. Of course, it implies that all species of, say, Boletus, share a common ancestor. I hope you don't deny that, Martin.
In the end, if we know the genes coding for this trait, fitness experiment can be done (RNA interference, knock-out) to assess the role of coloration. But they certainly won't be necessary. Positive selection could be detected with sequence comparisons, although you may object that mutations may not be random. ???

Anyway, what do you propose, Martin, in order to test your hypothesis (whatever that is)?

BTW, such analysis is not needed in butterflies, their coloration is already explained.

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