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Paul Flocken


Could it be assumed that any color is inherent to the material of the internal organ.  External coloration strikes me as being due to pigments that exist for the purpose of changing the otherwise 'natural' color, something missing for internal organs.

This is very good point. It represents the view of Adolf Portmann very well. The coloration as "addressed phenomenon" is for the others.

The question is what's the source of coloration. In the case of mushrooms it is not Natural selection obviously. Darwinists here agreed with it reluctantly too. But they claim with one breath that mushrooms are only some kind of exception. Of course mushrooms are not exceptions. Exceptions are cases where Natural selection can be considered as source of coloration. I have stated that development of 90% of coloration of extant species has nothing to do with Natural selection but with other, non-darwinian forces. Darwinists have pretended that the opposite is true having no support for their suppositon either - except belief to darwinism.

I could not answer, but should maintain my ground.-
Charles Darwin

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