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Please cut out your kidneys or your liver and send me a scan or a photograph.

Maybe your liver is as colorfull as a bright picture of Kandinskyi, but surely it is not my case.    


I am merely pointing out that one hypothesis for colors in mushrooms (to warn animals that the fruiting bodies are toxic) has been shown to be incorrect.

Thank you. That's my point.


Secondly, as I asked in my previous message, if you have an alternative testable hypothesis, I'd like to hear it. If you don't have one, or if it isn't testable, then you can keep that to yourself. But your silence on this matter is troubling. So let's try again.

My hypothesis are either frontloading or some unknown "internal forces" or Portmann's self-representation. All of them are non-darwinian explanations. They are untestable as well as darwinian explanations are. As far as I know nobody  has "tested" yet that mimicry arouse via Random mutation and Natural selection. It is only a darwinian hypothesis. How would you test that "Natural selection" created polymorhic mimicry of Papillio Dardanus? Your darwinian hypothesis of coloration as outcome of Natural selection is not backed by any experiment even if you think it is.
So you "can keep it for yourself" as well.


Do you agree with Davison on common descent?

It is forbidden to quote John Davison's thoughts here. On your part it is not correct to ask me questions that misinterpret John Davison thoughts on evolution because it is necessary for me to quote him or to give link to the sites where he addressed the issue. Otherwise your misinterpretation cannot be refuted. But my ban will probably follow imediately in such a case. Unless Wesley R. Elsberry permit me to answer your question quoting Davison's thoughts I will not respond to any questions full of misinterpretation of John ideas like this. I believe you are not a provocateur like Chatfield, but I am preliminary prudent.

I could not answer, but should maintain my ground.-
Charles Darwin

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