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Muscaria has a long and honorable tradition of being eaten. The slightly similar looking Pantherina however, has quite short traditions of being eaten. Not that you would be likely to die if you only ate a little. I might not try it though

1730: A Swedish Colonel, Filip Johann von Strahlenberg, who spent 12 years in Siberia as a prisoner of war wrote a book titled "An Historico-Geographical Description of the North and Eastern Parts of Europe and Asia" which includes a detailed description of the practice of ingesting tea made from A. muscaria and the practice of drinking the urine of those who have ingested the mushroom in order to recycle the psychoactive ingredients.

   "The Russians who trade with them [Koryak - a tribe on the Kamchatka peninsula], carry thither a Kind of Mushrooms, called in the Russian Tongue, Muchumor, which they exchange for Squirils, Fox, Hermin, Sable, and other Furs: Those who are rich among them, lay up large Provisions of these Mushrooms, for the Winter. When they make feast, they pour water upon some of these Mushrooms and boil them. They then drink the Liquor, which intoxicates them; The poorer Sort who cannot afford to lay in a Store of these Mushrooms, post themselves on these occasions, round the huts of the rich and watch the opportunity of the guests comind down to make water. And then hold a wooden bowl to receive the urine which they drink off greedily, as having still some virtue of the mushroom in it and by this way they also get drunk." (Wasson 1968, pg 235)

VMartin, are you aware that in this statement:  
You know concept of "self-representation" is based on the visibility. Internal organs of animals are not colored. External very often are. The same for mycelium/fruing body. I have read an opinion that probably as much as 90% of coloration of species have nothing to do with natural selection. If it is right we should reconsider natural selection as "omnipotent" evolutionary force.

B doesn't follow from A?

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