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Quote (VMartin @ June 27 2007,12:20)


Closely related species often have some very different colors (in Boletus) for instance. This is puzzling.

That's right. I would like to draw your attention also to genera Amanita. We can observe among them very different caps coloration. It might be of interest that one of the most delicious mushroom Amanita muscaria as well as one of the most poisonous Amanita phalloides
belongs to the Genera.

Red Amanita muscaria has toxic effects and are sought after not only by shamans also by deers. I have read that shamans used extract from it to lure deers.

Amanida phalloides has green cap. So do not follow darwinian rule of thumb that bright aposematic coloration means threat and vica versa with cryptic coloration. The rule will kill you. There is no rule how to recognize edible and poisonous mushrooms.


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Well no, actually I shared that honor in February with theist Scott Hatfield, and then Blake Stacey and Hank Fox won in March, Torbjörn Larsson won in April, and then Kseniya and BronzeDog won in May. I mean, give shimmies where shimmies are due. :)

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