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Did you read the paper you cited?  Do you understand that color cues might not be related to toxicity, but that odor and taste cues could be? Do you understand how that relates to natural selection?

I don't argue with that. I would agree that toxicity of mushrooms are probably detected by wild animals by smell, by odor. You - and not only you - could have missed my standpoint. I said that origin of mushroom's coloration is not caused by natural selection, because there is not known selective pressure for their coloration. Subsequently some other force (sexual selection is out of game either) took place. I didn't said it was supranatural - but I can't refute it either. There is also another explanation proposed by great zoologist Adolf Portmann - self-representation, "die Selbstdarstellung". Such force can be innate to living organisms and could represent a force responsible for shapes and coloration of different species. You underestand that such a force have no place in neodarwinism.

Mushrooms are very good example of coloration of species because neither natural selection nor sexual selection could explain it plausibly. If you know about some connection between mushroom's color and it's toxicity feel free to educate us.

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