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(Permalink) Posted: June 27 2007,13:42   

Quote (VMartin @ June 27 2007,14:34)

ok, now this idiot is trolling an actual thread about something NOT him.  What's more, the response to his idiocy is even in his own thread.

What are you babbling about cretin? What thread? Is it forbidden here to make fun of Meyers and Christine but it is reccomended to denigrate "Javison" in every post however you like? Calm down and go observe your colorful fish-ancestors in aquarium.

It is forbidden to insult Kristine because commenters here have to give each other some minimal respect. Not forbidden to insult "Javison" because he is not here. And PZ's name is Myers, not Meyers.

"Idiot" and "cretin" are insults, by the way, and that should stop.

Edited by stevestory on June 27 2007,14:43

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