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We know that pigments are relatively costly to synthesize for an organism.

depends on the organism and the pigment.

again, why I was thinking it might be useful to take a gander at the biology of one of the commonly noted "colorful" fungi.

Closely related species often have some very different colors (in Boletus) for instance. This is puzzling.

Indeed.  Why I thought it worthy of a thread on it's own.
The work I did as a grad student trying to tease out the role of ontogenetic color change in damselfishes was filled with a lot of parallels to this one.  The larger issue of signalling has always fascinated me.

I posted a paper I published on some early work in that area on this board a while back.  20 years later, i still find myself puzzled by it, and still see no conclusive studies on the issue have appeared in the literature.

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