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Pasting my comment from the other thread:

It seems that the paper quoted by Martin is almost the only one dealing the the evolution of toxicity in mushrooms. Unfortunately, Am. Nat. is one of the few journals (of ecology) I can't access.
However, I have the list of their cited references, and none of them deals with the genetics of coloration in mushroom, nor their selective role. They also clearly state in the abstract that the topic has received little attention. So I suppose most of the work remains to be done.

However, this reminds me of fascinating stories about coloration and mimicry in orchids. Stuff that has been deeply studied and explained by adaptive models.
Maybe the topic of this thread could shift a little bit. For the lurkers, the origin of batesian and mullerian mimmics (for instance), and the evolution of coloration could be interesting.

Not that I want absolutely to go off topic, but what do you think, Thomas, about this project of genetically engineered mosquito in order to fight malaria? I could start a thread about that as it clearly shows that the evolutionary theories could be extremely useful. It also deals with the concept of selfish gene and the units of selection (allele vs. individual), that we've been discussing from time to time.
But maybe PT already covered it in great details, I haven't been there for a while.

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