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As is common on ATBC, creobots often inspire interest in issues, even with their insipidity.

A recent case is that of whether brightly colored mushrooms are so because of selective pressures leading to aposematic coloration.

the issue CAN be answered with fairly simple experiments, but can also be inconclusive, depending on the results.

so, it got me curious as to what HAS been studied wrt to this issue, which isn't surprising given that my thesis was in part about investigating aposematic coloration in fishes.

so, quick google scholar search turns up potentially relevant articles in 30 seconds, but I don't have access to more than the abstracts.

If anyone else is interested in the topic, and has access, might i suggest we look at the following as a start:

Why Are Some Mushrooms Poisonous, and Do They Signal Their Unprofitability?

Not surprisingly, when you think about common fungivores, there IS evidence to conclude they do indeed signal... but not with visual stimuli.  which, even based on the abstract, leads one to be curious about the genetics of color in fungi, and wonder if color is at all linked to other methods of signalling.

btw, olfactory aposematism is not a new concept:

might also be worth looking more specifically at the biology of some of the more recognizable "brightly colored" mushrooms like Amanita spp.

moreover, it might be worthwhile to examine the role of non-commonly thought about fungivores... including other fungi:

I am unable to locate a decent treatise on the genetics of the relevant fungi with a quick search, but there is certainly enough here to start with anyway.

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