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Last night I read "Evolution Exposed," a stinking pile of crap smeared on paper by Paul G. Humber.  It was disgusting.

I had to read it as part of the longish response to Weikart that I am working on sporadically.  Humber likes to email people and then use their replies as "gotchas."  He goes on for some while about Lenny without ever mentioning him by name.

I realized that he had sent me several emails years ago.  I told him that I didn't respond to individual emails about E/c, (I don't), and that he should post these to the TO newsgroup where I would reply.

I have also just finished reading

Morris, Henry M.
1974 "The Troubled Waters of Evolution" San Diego: Creation-Life Publishers.

All for the same critical review of Weikart.  These will only be a tiny observation that the creationist lies about Darwin+Hitler are not original, that they have been essentially unmodified for over 30 years, that Weikart is well known to creationists as a fellow believer (notable in Humber of course), and that Weikart has nothing new to offer.

PS:  If I live another 8 months I'll set an all family male longevity record.  I cannot understand why I waste so much time reading creationist crap.  Oh Well.

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"Science is the horse that pulls the cart of philosophy."


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