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Arden Chatfield

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Quote (Rev. BigDumbChimp @ July 14 2007,22:57)
Quote (Arden Chatfield @ July 14 2007,22:49)
Quote (stevestory @ July 14 2007,21:37)
Given my horrible diet, "not something you should eat everyday" mentally translates in my head to "something you should eat everyday, and additionally wash down with whiskey, because nobody really wants to be 70"

Ah, but will you still feel that way when you're 50?

Who says we'll get to 50?

Trust me, LOTS of people make it to 50 without ever dreaming they would.

I don't feel like keeling over from smoking or heart disease at 49 (having a young daughter is a big part of that), but at the same time I'm not willing to spend my whole life jogging 2 hours every morning and eating nothing but bland low-fat high-fiber vegetarian food. (What's the point of a long life, if it's filled with that?) Fortunately I've never smoked, but I do love me some fried food. So you compromise. I try and keep the fats lowish and take meds for cholesterol and blood pressure (hereditary high BP -- thanks, dad!), but I don't jog or work out, either. So what'll that buy me? 77? Cool.

I've known a couple people in academia who made it into their 90's still sharp and still productive (I certainly have enough projects to last me another 50 years) but it is incredibly rare. (For every one of them I can name, I can name ten people who keeled over at 81 after 12 years of idleness and shitty health.) My personal opinion is that making it to 100 with all your marbles is so totally a matter of genetic luck that it's ridiculous to deliberately try to make it happen.

"Rich is just mad because he thought all titties had fur on them until last week when a shorn transvestite ruined his childhood dreams by jumping out of a spider man cake and man boobing him in the face lips." - Erasmus

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