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Quote (J-Dog @ July 14 2007,12:55)
Quote (IanBrown_101 @ July 14 2007,05:29)
Currently "On War" By Carl Von Clausewitz. Not as dry as it may seem.

Ian - Could you do the world a favor and send that to Bush and Cheney when you're done reading it?

They will me utterly amazed that you can actually plan to win a war!  Say what you will about the Krauts, but I think they knew how to win, except that Hitler kept second-guessing his professionals and going with his gut reactions...   Sound familiar?  Yep, it's The ID of WWII.

It's a tad outdated, but hey, even Sun Tzu would do better. (I have that to read as well).

I'm not the fastest or the baddest or the fatest.

You NEVER seem to address the fact that the grand majority of people supporting Darwinism in these on line forums and blogs are atheists. That doesn't seem to bother you guys in the least. - FtK

Roddenberry is my God.

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