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Quote (Louis @ June 15 2007,18:03)
I'm reading three books at the moment: Douglas Hofstader's "Godel, Escher, Bach" which is a bit heavy going in places but very intriguing, Jared Diamond's "Collapse" which is an easy read in terms of technicalities but not in terms of implications, and lastly Stephen Fry's "An Ode Less Travelled" which is very funny and a bit densely poetic for me, but I find it very enjoyable and the exercises are fun.

Godel Escher Bach while quite dense probably influenced my thinking as much as any book (other than Heller's Catch-22 but that's a given).

Curious, have you discovered yourself having long breaks where you discover that you've been silently contemplating some aspect of the book, slightly checked out, and people notice? That happens to me alot but IIRC it happened more while I was reading it.

Collapse I thought was brilliant for the very simple analysis. Here are the factors that lead to a society's collapse: 1,2,3,

The fact that he avoids pretension for the most part is more amazing to me now then it was when I read it.

I'm Reading

1. Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge by Edward O. Wilson, kind of wordy and pretentious but very good.

2. Unbowed: A Memoir  by Wangari Maathai, strangely engaging and moving where you expect trite. She is the real deal.

Just finished:

1.Naked by David Sedaris, Hilarious.

2. The Omnivore's Dillemna by Michael Pollan. Put it on your must read list. I'm not kidding. His other book, The Botany of Desire should be on that list too actually.

Hi everyone :)

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